Protection and Storage

Here are some tips to help keep your hearing aids working well.

Tips for Caring for Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids need regular upkeep and preventative maintenance to ensure their optimal performance. With reasonable care, the life expectancy of a hearing aid is about three to five years. Here are some tips to help keep your hearing aids working well.

Protection and Storage

Hearing aids should be kept in a safe, dry place when they are not in your ears. You will receive a sturdy storage case when you purchase your hearing aids at Huntington Hearing. We recommend that you create a nightly routine when it comes to storing your hearing aids. First, open the battery doors of your hearing aids each night to allow natural air to aid in drying them. Second, always keep the aids in their case. We have heard too many stories about hearing aids being accidently thrown out because they were wrapped in a tissue and left on an end table! Pets and young children have been known to find hearing aids that are not stored properly. Dogs, in particular, are attracted to them, chewing and destroying them.

Moisture is an enemy of all hearing aids. Many hearing aids repairs are related to high humidity, perspiration, condensation, or accidental immersion in a bath or pool. These repairs are often preventable! It is worthwhile to invest in a in a hearing aid dehumidifier. These gadgets dry out the digital circuitry inside your hearing aids while you sleep. Some offer the additional added benefit of UV sanitation of your hearing aids during the drying cycle. A dehumidifier may improve the battery life of your hearing aids and minimize the need for moisture related repairs.