Hearing Aid Warranties

At Huntington Hearing every new hearing aid comes with a warranty.

Hearing Aid Warranties

At Huntington Hearing, every new hearing aid comes with a warranty for routine repairs and for a one-time loss or accidental damage. The length of the warranty will vary by manufacturer, but usually ranges from 1 to 3 years. It is a good idea to send your hearing aids to the manufacturer for cleaning and check-up before their warranty expires. This will minimize any out of warranty repairs.

We recommend routine cleaning and hearing aid check-ups at our office to keep your hearing aids working well. There is no charge for these services when you purchase your hearing aids at Huntington Hearing. We may make minor repairs and adjustments at these complimentary visits however, repairs that are out of the manufacturer's warranty that must be completed by the manufacturer are subject to a fee.

We have a specialized repair lab in house to make minor repairs or modifications to your hearing aids, replace parts that are not functioning, and replace battery doors.

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