Hearing Accesories

We work with the most innovative hearing aid brands in the world.

FM Systems, Bluetooth / Wireless Technology, and Assistive Listening Devices

FM systems are listening systems in which the speaker wears a microphone (transmitter) and the listener wears a receiver which is coupled wirelessly to their hearing aids. The voice of the speaker is transmitted directly to the FM receivers on the hearing aids without amplification of extraneous sounds in the listening environment.

An FM system is ideal for school-aged children, college students, and anyone that has significant hearing difficulty in the presence of background noise even with the use of advanced technology hearing aids. We are skilled professionals at the use of FM technology and have fit many children and adults with a variety of FM products.

Bluetooth or wireless technology refers to the newest and most advanced wireless accessories that let you connect to people, news, music, and all the other things that are important in your life. Our expert audiologists are experienced with several different hearing aid manufacturers that offer Bluetooth or other wireless connections. Using these features, you can set the TV volume down to a level that doesn't make your family members complain, make your morning coffee without missing the weather report, take a hands-free call in the car, use your mobile phone while in a noisy place, appreciate your favorite music whether it is played on your stereo, iPod, or your cell phone. Wireless technology enables your hearing aids to connect with many of the communication devices you use everyday. These connections allow the information to come through clearly and reliably.

At Huntington Hearing, we also have access to a variety of assistive listening devices like amplified telephones, alarm clocks, and smoke detectors, as well as infrared devices for improved comprehension of television and stereo. Speak to your audiologist about any devices.

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