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Ways to Confirm Hearing Loss

Ways to Confirm Hearing Loss

Ways to Confirm Hearing Loss

September 15, 2021

Hearing loss is a difficult truth to accept, no matter how old you might be. It is important to know that early intervention gives you the best outcomes and a higher chance of getting back to a normal life. The longer you wait, the lower your chances of getting effective treatment for your hearing loss.

People in America are definitely familiar with hearing loss by now, considering it affects 48 million of us! Research has found that hearing loss occurs twice as much in men than in women. The alarming bit is that even though hearing loss is so common, people wait up to 15 years before they finally take any steps to get their hearing tested, and even longer to get hearing aids!

It is important to know the symptoms of hearing loss so that you can become more aware of it when and if it affects you or a loved one. Make a note of the number of times you need to turn up the volume on your television. If you find that other people are complaining that the volume is too loud, it may be just you who has a hearing problem.

Another common symptom that people with hearing loss have is asking others to constantly repeat what they said. If you have hearing loss, you might find yourself constantly using phrases like “come again?” or “what did you say?”

Hearing loss also brings about muffled speech. It may seem to you as though everyone around you is mumbling or is speaking unclearly. This happens because sound clarity decreases with hearing loss. Even though most people think that hearing loss refers to a decreased volume of sound, decreased clarity is also another aspect of it.

You may have trouble hearing people in crowded places if you have hearing loss. Following a conversation in a restaurant playing loud music may also be difficult if you have hearing damage. If multiple speakers are talking at once at a party or a social gathering, you may have trouble following them due to hearing loss.

Lastly, there is one crucial aspect of hearing loss you should become aware of. This includes becoming socially withdrawn or isolated. If you find yourself reluctant to attend parties or family events because you feel left out, you might have hearing loss. If you feel like people are avoiding having conversations with you or acting weird around you, which makes you feel like you don’t fit in, you might have hearing loss. This may be especially true if you used to be a sociable person before. Hearing loss is known to result in social withdrawal and isolation. If left unchecked, this can lead to anxiety, depression, and even dementia in future.

If any or most of the symptoms described seemed familiar to you, it is time to get your hearing tested. Hearing tests are quick and painless procedures which are often done free of cost. Identifying hearing loss in its early stages can help get you the best chances of getting your life back on track and prevent any further damage.