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Summer Time Might be Rough on Your Ears

Summer Time Might be Rough on Your Ears

Summer Time Might be Rough on Your Ears

July 17, 2023

Summer is finally here! This means loads of exciting activities that you may have planned for you and your family. Even though summer means fun in the sun, it can also be difficult on your hearing. People often take care of their skin and focus on remaining hydrated during the summer months, but most people neglect their hearing. A few precautions can help protect your ears so that you can have a fun summer without suffering any hearing damage.

Once the weather begins to get warmer, you will find people out in their lawns, mowing their lawns, having outdoor parties, and attending music concerts. Even though all of these activities can be fun, they can be hazardous to your ears. It is best to be prepared by investing in a pair of earplugs that you can carry with you at all times to protect your ears from the harsh noises.

Baseball season is on! This means huge crowds and loud roars at each successful shot. The music blasts at loud volumes, there are fireworks and chattering people packed to the brim. All of these noises can be dangerous to your hearing. A study at the University of Michigan reported that an average game of baseball can range up to 114dB, which hugely exceeds the safe sound level of 85dB. The general volume at a baseball game tends to be around 94dB, which is still higher than the safety threshold. This is why it is best to always carry auditory protection when you plan on attending sporting events.

Summer BBQs are the favorite of the young and the old. As your father or husband gets the grill ready for those juicy hot dogs and steaks, think about other equipment that may be present around you at the time. Summer time is also the time for mowing your lawn and trimming those overgrown hedges. Lawnmowers and weed whackers can reach sound levels up to 105dB, which is unsafe for your ears. While you enjoy that delicious steak, your ears may be suffering hearing damage because of the lawnmower in the background! This is why it is important to wear your earplugs even when you go outside for your BBQ party.

Another favorite summer activity is musical concerts that take place every weekend. Sounds tend to become highly amplified even in outdoor surroundings such as amphitheaters. It may come as a surprise but an average music concert clocks in at around 110dB. This is why it is imperative that you wear earplugs and make sure you find a place to sit that is situated away from direct contact with the speakers.

It’s not always the obvious factors like games and concerts that cause hearing damage. It can even be a simple bike ride down an open highway or a ride on your jet-ski or speedboat. Even though you may think that the noise of the bike or jet-ski is the one that may damage your hearing, in reality it is simply the wind that is the actual culprit! The sound of wind can reach levels of up to 100dB, which can cause permanent damage to hearing even if you expose yourself to a simple half hour bike ride at top speed. Always cover your ears and use earplugs when you plan on visiting windy locations or going for a long drive. Hearing loss is a permanent problem. Thankfully it has a simple solution that is easily implemented; wear your earplugs!