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Keep Your Hearing Aids Safe this summer

Keep Your Hearing Aids Safe this summer

Keep Your Hearing Aids Safe this summer

June 15, 2022

We all love it when it gets warm outside. We get to go out and bask in the sun and engage in our favorite summer activities. Even though summer can bring on a host of fun activities, it can be challenging and rough on your hearing aids. Keep these simple recommendations in mind so that your hearing aids can have a fun and safe summer.

When we think of summer, we think of visits to the beach or taking a cool dip in the swimming pool. Unfortunately, moisture is notorious as a potential hazard to hearing aids.  Some hearing aids are 100% waterproof, but most are not. This is why it is best to remove them and store them in a safe, air tight container before diving into those welcoming waves or taking a dip in the pool.

We often ignore another major source of moisture: sweat. We love to stay fit and exercise, but exercising brings with it the onset of increased amounts of sweat, which can damage the inner workings of our hearing aids. It is better to remove your hearing aids while you workout to keep the sweat from corroding your hearing aids and causing them to malfunction.  Alternatively, you can come home after your workout and immediately clean out your hearing aids to keep the sweat from damaging them.

Summer times mean long drives and picnics at nice, breezy places. Unfortunately, windy environments are great carriers for dirt and debris, which can also damage your hearing aids. Make sure you clean your hearing aids thoroughly after visiting dusty, windy environments.

For the sports fanatics out there, your sporty lifestyle may be detrimental for your hearing aids. You might enjoy playing that soccer or tennis match, but pay close attention to your hearing aids so that they do not fall out and get lost or damaged. You can use headbands or oto clips to make sure your hearing aids stay safe while you play your favorite sport. Enjoy your summer to the fullest but make sure you make special arrangements to keep your hearing aids safe from damage. Have a wonderful summer and happy hearing!