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Handling Blocked Ears

Handling Blocked Ears

Handling Blocked Ears

May 17, 2021

There are times when our ears feel clogged up due to a number of reasons. You may feel the way you do on an airplane, where your ears feel blocked due to changes in air pressure. You might even have tried to yawn or swallow in order to get your ears to pop, but to no avail. If your ears are blocked, there may be more serious reasons behind it.

If you have any kind of pain or discharge coming from your ears, you might have an ear infection. Your Eustachian tube may close up due to ear infections, which could result in the clogged up feeling in your ears. You can have your ear infection treated by a medical professional to get your hearing back to normal in a matter of days.

Other reasons for blocked ears include too much cerumen (earwax). This type of blockage can also easily be cleared out by a medical professional. Always visit a medical professional to have your ears cleaned out properly. Never insert cotton buds in your ears since this may actually push the earwax further into the ear canal and may even damage your hearing.

If you have no time or opportunity to visit the doctor and urgently need to clean your ears, you can try out these home remedies. You can try inserting a few drops of hydrogen peroxide into your blocked ear(s). Make sure to mix the hydrogen peroxide along with a little bit of luke warm water. Use a pipette to administer this solution into your ears or have someone else do it for you.

Make sure your ear is tilted towards the ceiling when you apply the mixture. Leave the solution in your ears for a few seconds so that the hydrogen peroxide gets enough time to work its magic and slowly disintegrate the earwax. Repeat this process for the next couple of days until your clogged ears clear up.

Allergies are also a major cause for blocked ears. This is why it is important to treat your allergies by taking medical advice to treat allergies using regular allergy medications and avoiding known allergens, especially if it is allergy season.

There are lots of “home remedy” videos for clearing blocked ears available online. Unfortunately, some of these can provide some very unscientific information. Always remember that if a remedy sounds weird, uncomfortable, or unscientific, it probably is and should be avoided at all costs!

Always talk to a medical professional before engaging in any of these remedies. For example, ear candling is one such “remedy” that is often seen online. This involves lighting a hollow candle in your ear so as to pull up the earwax. This technique is extremely outdated and very ineffective. Needless to say, it is literally playing with fire and therefore should be avoided!

It is always recommended that you seek medical advice to clean up your ears since the experts know best. Leave your hearing health to the professionals so that you do not undergo any unfortunate accidents that may cost you your hearing.