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Fatigue Due to Hearing Loss

Fatigue Due to Hearing Loss

Fatigue Due to Hearing Loss

February 15, 2018

People with hearing loss tend to feel exhausted due to the constant strain on their ears to focus on the limited range of sounds they are able to perceive. Dr. Ervin Hafter from the department of Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, reported that people encountering hearing impairment have additional strain placed upon their cognitive abilities as a result of their hearing loss. This arises from the constant level of alertness and concentration required to compensate for the lack of sounds being perceived, which utilizes more energy and leads to fatigue.

In addition to fatigue, hearing loss can also lead to depression. Studies report that women as well as those aged 70 years and younger are particularly susceptible to developing depression as a result of their hearing loss. However, there are techniques that can be used to successfully overcome depression resulting from hearing loss. Practicing meditation or yoga and engaging in physical exercise can help in alleviating stress and reducing depression.

There are times when exhaustion resulting from hearing loss can lead a person to simply give up and walk away from a stressful situation. This is a defense mechanism aimed at retaining one’s sense of sanity and removing oneself from overwhelming stressors that can otherwise be difficult to manage.

Even simple chores from your daily life can seem stressful with hearing loss added to the mix. Your communication with your friends and family can become hampered and your performance at your workplace may deteriorate as well.

Your body produces physiological responses to the exhaustion you encounter due to hearing loss by sending forth a constant release of adrenaline. This automatic response results from your body’s natural instinctive tendency known as the “fight or flight” response that helps us survive. This constant flow of adrenaline can damage the nervous system and lead to complete burnout.

There are ways in which you can successfully combat stress using biofeedback techniques. You can also engage in half an hour of vigorous physical exercise to encourage the utilization of the excess adrenaline. In addition to burning out adrenaline, exercise can also help release the flow of endorphins which result in a feeling of euphoria and a general sense of well-being. Hearing loss exhaustion does not need to stop you from leading an active, meaningful life. Consult your audiologist for more tips on how to combat fatigue resulting from hearing loss.