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Enhancing Relationships Using Hearing Aids

Enhancing Relationships Using Hearing Aids

Enhancing Relationships Using Hearing Aids

September 15, 2017

We are now more aware than ever before that the key to a healthy, strong relationship lies is effective communication. Any relationship can deteriorate due to inefficient communication that can result from hearing loss.

The basic problem in communication with hearing loss results from a lack of speech recognition. Since hearing loss disrupts the capacity to decipher speech patterns, misunderstanding specific words may occur. People with hearing loss often confuse certain sounds, such as mistaking the “p” for a “b” or mistakenly hearing “s” for “th.”

People with hearing loss often exclaim that even though they might be able to hear most of the words, they may find it hard to make out what is being said since they might miss out on important contextual cues due to gaps in speech recognition.

Hearing loss not only leads to frustration and anger in interpersonal relationships, it also hampers work performance. Since hearing loss is a gradual process, you may have difficulty in identifying it until it has progressed to a more significant level. Untreated hearing impairment can lead to increased physiological and psychological problems, ranging from depression to dementia. People often face social withdrawal and feelings of isolation due to hearing loss. Luckily, hearing loss can be easily treated using hearing aids, which can help you become your true, active self again.

People often wait as long as 7 years before getting their hearing tested for hearing loss. After getting your hearing tested, you can collaborate with your audiologist to explore the hearing device options that you have available for your specific hearing requirements.

Modern hearing aids are well-equipped with speech recognition facilities that can be modulated based on your various listening environments. Features in your hearing aids can accommodate multiple speakers and even adjust your sound setting when you are in loud and crowded environments.

Wireless hearing aids also come equipped with Bluetooth technology that can help you remain connected with your smartphone, enabling you to stream calls directly into your hearing aids from your phone.

You no longer have to suffer in silence due to your hearing loss. You can listen to the sweet whispers of your partner and the cooing of your baby with ease, through the use of hearing aids. If you feel that there have been conflicts in your relationship due to misunderstandings or lack of appropriate hearing abilities, make sure you get your hearing tested. A simple hearing test will identify the extent of your hearing loss and help you well on your way to getting hearing aids that can help you regain the quality of life you always dreamed of having.