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Batteries for Hearing Devices

Batteries for Hearing Devices

Batteries for Hearing Devices

November 15, 2017

Using hearing aids requires you to utilize hearing aid batteries that are available in various shapes and sizes, depending on your hearing aid model. You can check the manual of your hearing aid or consult your audiologist to determine the correct battery size and category for your particular hearing aids.

Different hearing aids have different battery life spans and vary in their pricing. The easiest way to figure out which hearing aid battery is the correct one for you is to look at the color of the tab used on your hearing aid battery since all hearing aid batteries use a standardized coding system based on various colors. The color of your hearing aid battery can help indicate the size as well as the type of batter you will require.

The most commonly used hearing aid batteries are size 10, 13, 675, and 312. Size 10 batteries have a yellow colored tab and are currently the most widely used type of battery. They are used in “In-The-Canal” (ITC) as well as in “Completely-In-Canal” hearing aids. These batteries are smaller in size which is why they have a shorter lifespan of around 80 hours.

The next type of battery is size 13 which are the orange color coded hearing aid batteries. These types of batteries are often utilized in “In-The-Ear” (ITE) as well as “Behind-The-Ear” (BTE) hearing aid models. The average lifespan of this battery is around 240 hours.

Blue color coded batteries depict size 675 hearing aid batteries. They are most widely used in BTE hearing aid models as well as certain cochlear implants. These batteries are moderately large in size which provides them with an extended lifespan of approximately 300 hours.

Size 312 hearing aid batteries have brown colored tabs and are most often used in ITE and ITC hearing device models. Their battery lifespan is around 175 hours and are somewhat smaller in size.

Please keep in mind that there are lots of hearing aid models in the market today, which means that there are other battery sizes that are not covered in this article. To gain more information about other hearing aid battery styles, consult your audiologist or enquire at your nearest drugstore for your specific battery size.

Ensure that the hearing aid batteries provided with your hearing aid are not rechargeable, prior to purchasing new batteries. If your hearing aid does come with rechargeable batteries, this will save you a lot of additional cost in disposable battery purchase. Make sure you charge your batteries regularly in case of rechargeable batteries. To keep your batteries functioning optimally, make sure you keep them stored unopened at room temperature and clean your hearing aids regularly.